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About Us: Research and Policy

Research and Policy

The Wise Group is proud of its reputation as a critical contributor to employment, regeneration, sustainability and third sector policy in Scotland and the UK. 

Our Research and Policy team enables the Wise Group to influence Westminster, Holyrood and other decision makers’ policies more effectively, and to contribute to the Wise Group’s continuous development through gaining a more sophisticated understanding of the needs of its client groups.

We welcome students who wish to work with us as part of their studies. We have given students from institutions such as the University of Edinburgh and the University of Strathclyde access to our staff and customer to conduct research as part of their studies.

 This team:

  • Manages and produces responses to Government policy consultations and other policy commentaries
  • Explores, initiates and delivers additional policy influencing activities on key areas related to the organisation's operations
  • Contributes to formalised lobbying activities
  • Disseminates research findings to influence policy formulation
  • Works with a network of research and policy organisations collaboratively in policy influencing and policy responses
  • Advise and support all Wise Group departments on how they can bring the knowledge and experience of their work to policy makers
  • Provides support for our Development Team and Delivery team in indentifying development oportunities and designing services.

To find out more contact Neil Young on 0141 303 3131 or email

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