The vision, mission and values

The Wise Group way

The Wise Group way puts culture at the heart of business success, with the key levers for change being leadership and staff effectiveness. How a job is done, is more important than what goals are require to be achieved. All staff have a personal development plan which is a framework for discussion, ongoing review and assessment.


To realise peoples’ potential, create a fairer society and contribute to sustainable economic growth


An inspiring social enterprise that makes a positive difference to people, communities and society


EXCELLENT – We are proud to deliver outstanding value and quality in everything we do
PASSIONATE – We are inspired, committed and caring
PROGRESSIVE – We love to seek creative solutions through forward thinking
OPEN – We respect diversity and enjoy embracing change and challenge
ACCOUNTABLE – We are accountable and are confident in our ability to deliver results


Equality and diversity

The Wise Group is committed to promoting equality and diversity. We recognise that people from different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights.

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Equality and diversity

Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for the overall governance, the strategic direction and the financial administration.

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Leadership Team

The leadership team is responsible for delivering the strategic direction set out by the Board.

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We believe that effective partnerships can provide a more successful way of delivering services. Why not partner with the Wise Group? Together we can make a difference.

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