Training for business

Training for business

We have an established reputation for delivering high quality training and skills development programmes for individuals, for local authorities, the third sector and for private businesses. Whether you want to develop your existing employees or find new staff to fill skills gaps, we offer a range of services including:

  • Skills and training support
  • Design training specifically to meet you needs
  • We can also help with accessing funds to pay for training

Here are some of the courses we run for employers in motivation, management and for jobs in different sectors

Motivation and management training for your emerging new leaders

A package of Pacific Institute courses to give your staff the tools to manage and develop behaviours to release untapped potential. The courses enable and empower employees to take personal accountability and to set and achieve goals.

Greenskills Scotland Energy Advice Courses

Greenskills Scotland certificated training courses enable your employees to provide guidance on energy efficiency and renewables. Courses have been designed to cover the key facts and information about the causes and solutions to fuel poverty. Participants will gain an understanding of the practical assistance available to householders affected by living in fuel poverty.

Greenskills Scotland is a flexible resource to help you meet any energy training needs. We can work with you to design courses that meet the individual needs of your business.

Sector specific training

Child and social care

Increase the professionalism of your staff through practical and classroom based learning. Courses meet the Scottish Social Services Council requirements for registration which is an industry standard for employees in this sector.

Advice and guidance

These qualifications are for those people that work with customers in organisations to provide advice and guidance services. The courses help you employees gain understanding of legislation and procedures. They also focus on interpersonal skills for working with vulnerable customers.

Customer service

The course will improve confidence and give practical solutions to situations found in a customer service role. It supports participants to learn how to provide a positive experience to customers and how best to deal with individual customer needs.

Business and administration

Develop your employees to implement and monitor administrative procedures and systems. The courses will empower individuals to evaluate and improve their own performance in a business environment.

Funding advice

There may be funding available to you to help pay for the courses we offer. Contact us to find out what is available to you.

We have our own training facilities in various locations or we can carry out training at your premises or at a convenient venue to you.


We believe that effective partnerships can provide a more successful way of delivering services. Why not partner with the Wise Group? Together we can make a difference.

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