Tenant services

Tenant services

The Wise Group provides tenant services for residents in various local authority areas throughout west central Scotland. We currently have two main services a handyperson service and home energy advice both are delivered to residents in their homes and communities.

Handyperson Service

The Wise Group handyperson service is delivered for housing association residents and is open to people with a disability and those over the age of 60. The service offers practical help with odd jobs and small tasks around the house covering anything from changing plugs, cleaning windows, furniture assembly to plumbing in a washing machine.

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Since 2010 the handyperson service has helped over 4,000 customers by doing over 31,500 tasks in their homes. A high percentage of the customers have used the service more than once. Customer satisfaction stat.

Home Energy Advice

We work in partnership with government, local authorities and housing associations to reduce the carbon footprint of communities, help tackle fuel poverty and to maximise training and jobs.

We can provide impartial advice on energy related matters can be provided to householders free of charge in their homes or over the phone. The service helps people to save energy and money by:

• using energy more efficiently by understanding fuel bills and meter readings

• finding the cheapest tariffs for electricity and gas

• installing energy efficiency measures and renewable energy solutions.

We can deal with any issues such as outstanding bills with energy companies on behalf of residents

In five years the Glasgow Home Energy Advice Team (G.HEAT) has carried out over 14,000 home visits and returned over £3.5 million in savings to residents We saved every resident who had a home visit an average of £245.


"Our tenants have obtained huge benefit from our partnership with G.HEAT. Through their expertise they have managed to reduce tenants’ consumption costs by more than 15%. This has greatly improved their quality of life and comfort."
Colin Turnbull, Director of Housing Services at West of Scotland

Full range of tenant services

We offer a comprehensive selection of services for your tenants. For more information please download the brochure below



We believe that effective partnerships can provide a more successful way of delivering services. Why not partner with the Wise Group? Together we can make a difference.

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