Community Justice

Community Justice

We provide mentoring programmes to support people that have been or in the community justice system through projects that cover Scotland and the north east of England.

Mentors are all recruited and trained to create an open and honest relationship with customers. A mentor can arrange to meet someone on release at the prison gate and provide support for you and your family. We can get you on personal development courses and help you find employment.

Many of the mentors have had similar life experiences, including having served prison sentences, so know what obstacles can be faced. This experience coupled with having overcome similar challenges ensure that we understand the frustrations and difficulty of making a fresh start.

Our mentors

50% of mentors employed by the Wise Group are ex-offenders.
"New Routes has moved 216 men into full time employment."
Figures from April 2013 up to April 2016.

How does it work?

The main programme, known as New Routes, works with young males serving a short sentence in every prison in Scotland to provide them with the best possible opportunity to reduce re-offending and remain out of prison.

The mentors can build a relationship for up to six months before release from prison to develop and agree a plan that focuses on what the individual wants to do and the actions that they need to take.  The mentor will provide or get access to the services that are needed to put the plan into action on release from prison.

A mentor can meet someone on the day that they are released including being picked up at the prison gate.

A mentor can arrange and accompany you to any appointments for housing, health, addiction services and any DWP appointment.

There are other opportunities available, such as, group sessions and local activities. These sessions may provide information of personal safety, debt management and benefits and health and well-being.

We will also help with access to skills training and support with looking for and preparing for work

If you, a family member or friend could benefit from this support, or would like more information on the various community justice programmes please call 0141 303 3131