Following a devastating heart attack at the beginning of March, Tariq Sattar had to give up his job in IT to recover at home.


A year of transforming lives

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“Blended working for me has been life changing. Despite taking a while to adjust at the start, I have a life work balance which makes me enjoy the job even more and fit it round my life and family.”

Emma Howe, Scotland
“Knowing that my girls are making memories with family and other loved ones while I am still able to evolve in my professional career is what matters the most to me.”

Audrey Bernard, France
“With Remote First, I can work full-time from a beautiful island in Greece and enjoy the many benefits of grandparent childcare.”

Maria Fotiadou, Greece

“We can come together as a team, utilise different ideas, and that has a ripple effect on supporting our customers.”

Ross Stoker, Community Justice
“Smart meters help people make small behavioural changes. Someone with a visual disability might not be able to read it or see it, and working together with Visibility Scotland means the no-one is forgotten about.”

Emma Howe, Energy Advice and Advocacy