New Routes PSP

New Routes Throughcare Mentoring Service

New Routes Throughcare Mentoring Service offers support, guidance and mentoring for short term male prison help them re-integrate with their communities.

At the Wise Group, we understand the unique nature of the complex barriers faced by those serving a prison sentence. We understand because at least 50% of our mentors have lived experience of the justice system.

Our mentors provide prison leavers with specialist one-to-one support through mentoring, while promoting strong partnerships between other organisations.

Our customers are supported by Wise Group mentors for six months before release, and for a further six months  post liberation as they reintegrate back into the community.

Working across Scotland, New Routes Throughcare Mentoring Service is delivered as a Public Social Partnership (PSP), funded by the Scottish Government and led by the Wise Group. Our delivery partners include SacroApex ScotlandSAMH and Families Outside.

Together, we deliver effective community based services to men of all ages  in the justice system.

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