Consultation Responses


We are a leading social enterprise, working across the key areas of employability and skills, sustainability, and community justice. Working every day to improve the lives of people across Scotland and North East England, we understand the key challenges inherent in addressing our country’s societal issues. We’re a key voice for social justice, and we want to share those views and be part of dialogue around promoting a fairer, more sustainable society for all.

To read our views on national issues, click here. To read our views on sector-specific issues (community justice, fuel poverty and energy advice), see below.

"In today's UK, our mission is more important than ever. Our commitment to social justice is evidenced not only through our work, but through our team, our vision and the values we uphold."
Sean Duffy, our Chief Executive

Fuel poverty and energy advice

We have 35 years of experience providing energy advice to the community, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. Our main priorities within this sector are ensuring that homes are comfortable to live in and affordable to heat, showing people how they can use less energy and be more fuel efficient and showing a more reflective view of fuel poverty and those it affects.
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Community Justice

Our dedicated community justice team are at the centre of our work in the field. Our views are aligned with the help we provide, following a people-centred approach. We support alternatives to short-term sentences, such as electronic monitoring; reducing the amount of time before a conviction is spent under current Disclosure rules and sharing our experiences with other organisations in terms of employing ex-offenders.
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