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Ken Gets Creative: A Wise Steps Journey

A talented artist on the Wise Steps programme hopes to…

Women's mentoring

Shining example of a mentor’s support

Our mentors support women who find themselves in the justice…

Construction Training

Wise Steps is Still Open For Business

North East Social Enterprise Providing Digital Support for Out of…

Three men talking about their employment goals

Helping people back into employment

In order to help people prepare to get back into…

The Wise Group - building bridges to opportunity logo

Response: Scottish Government COVID-19 a Framework for Decision Making

Rising to the challenge of Covid-19 and supporting people leaving prison early

Rising to the challenge of Covid-19.

The Wise Group - building bridges to opportunity logo

Response: Community Justice Scotland Corporate Plan 2020-2023

New Shoes and Fresh Style for Talent Match Young People have them Interview Ready

Young people on Talent Match got job and interview ready…

New Routes Mentoring

Demand doubles for New Routes Mentoring service

Demand doubles for New Routes Mentoring service.

How Mentoring helped Eric come to terms with his past and move on to a Positive Future

New Routes Mentoring has supported over 4,000 customers across Scotland…

Women's mentoring

Sharon is using her Experience of the Justice System to Help Others

Sharon landed a job where she can make a real…

How Stevie went from being in Prison to Guiding Young People to Live a Better Life

From being stuck in a life of drugs and crime…

Young People Gain Confidence and Skills to Match their Talents

Young people on Talent Match have found new confidence and…

Tribal Home

The Wise Group gives expert employment advice at Tribal Home

“As long as the ties that bind us together are…

Mentor Amie

Craig’s justice story

Support from a Wise Group mentor has given Craig* a new outlook after leaving prison.

Are Online Games and Social Media Amplifying Bullying in Young People?

A speaker slot at SASO’s annual conference gave us the…