Community Justice

Community Justice

Our community justice services provide mentoring and guidance to people serving short-term sentences, supporting their transition from prison back to the community and reducing their chances of reoffending. Our mentors have helped over 3000 people, overcoming issues such as homelessness, poor mental health, addiction and finance. Our approach is proven to reduce reoffending too.

The support we provide is centred around the individual needs of each person we work with and we understand the challenges faced after time in prison; at least 50% of our mentors have personal experience of the justice system.
"Only 9.7% of people go on to re-offend within one year of exiting our service, whereas the current reconviction rate across males aged 21 in 34.6% "

Our Impact

We work with people in prison and in the commmunity to provide guidance and support to change their lives for the better. Through one to one mentoring we are able to identify the needs of the individuals to help get them the support they need over a long term basis. We’ve helped over 3,000 people with a range of different issues and our mentoring is a proven, cost-effective way to reduce crime.

Our Insights and Research

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Spotlight on liberation destinations

We looked at our liberation data for the number of people leaving prison without accommodation.

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Building on the successes of youth justice

We share our views on the key messages of the National Youth Justice Conference.

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Our Stories

We work with over 3000 people, improving their lives by helping them access the services they need and supporting them when they need it most with one to one mentoring. Read about some of our stories below and visit our blog to see even more of the great impact we are having on people’s lives.


Stevie's story

We’ve supported thousands of people to rebuild their lives. Stevie is just one of them.

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Barry's* Story

From multiple short-term prison sentences to a brighter future with our mentor

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Our mentors are the backbone of our community justice services.