Connect: is an online life-skills learning platform offering transferable skills to progress and succeed in everyday life.

Connect offers a flexible way for you to learn:

Connect is all online, so you can you access it anywhere with an internet connection. But don’t worry, your camera will be off, so you won’t be seen.

We run sessions six days a week, with morning, afternoon, and evening sessions available.   Each session lasts two hours and is delivered by a friendly facilitator in an informal way. There are no exams or tests, just good quality learning on topics that everyone will get something from, including:

  • Mental health
  • Physical health 
  • Pro-social networks
  • Employment 
  • Financial inclusion
  • Digital Skills

You can also access all the session ‘on-demand’ anytime, anywhere so, if you can’t make a live session, you can still benefit from all the learning opportunities.

Who is it for?

Connect is available by referral via key partners such as Justice Social Work teams, Housing Associations or Local Authorities.

We’ve designed our programme to be welcoming and inclusive.  With a varied menu of sessions, the programme is suitable for most people, providing you have access to a digital device (tablet, phone, lap-top etc) and access to an internet connection.

If you want to learn something new and are happy to engage with online sessions, Connect is for you.

Interested in offering Connect to your customers or clients?

Connect can be adapted to suit any customer, client, or service user group.  Contact us to learn more.


The benefits

To the individual, Connect is:

  • Anonymous and confidential – your camera will be off 
  • You don’t need to speak, you can use the chat option if you prefer 
  • Evening and weekend sessions mean you can fit it around your commitments 
  • You can access from home 
  • There are no exams or tests 
  • There is help at hand to get you connected 
  • There is no heavy learning or offence focused content. It’s practical groupwork. 

“It’s a no-brainer. I can do the sessions at home. I learnt how our diet affects our mental health.” (Client) 

“I work full time, so the evening and weekend sessions suit me.” (Client) 

“The facilitator was really good. I learnt mostly how to create a full CV, how to actually find work you are interested in. In all, everything has been useful.” (Client) 

To an organisation/partner, Connect offers:

  • A quick and easy referral process to sixteen life skills and rehabilitate sessions for your customer/clients/service users, delivered live and online at flexible times throughout the week.
  • Access to the above programme ‘on-demand’ for those who can’t attend the live sessions
  • Minimal input after the referral – let our team support your clients through the process
  • Comprehensive attendance reports to help manage your case work, delivered directly to your inbox on-demand.
  • Confidence in our robust security process and feedback loop
  • A person-centred service, regularly updated and developed to ensure we meet the needs of you and your customers/clients/service users.

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Connect March - December 2021 Impact Report

A PDF download of our March - December 2021 Connect Impact report

Did you know?

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