CPO Connect

CPO Connect

CPO Connect is a flexible way for you to complete Unpaid Work Hours while learning something new.

This is done from the comfort of home. CPO Connect is all online, so you can you access it or anywhere with an internet connection. But don’t worry, your camera will be off so you won’t be seen. 

CPO Connect is an online learning programme that counts towards the Other Activity element of your Community Payback Order. You can do between two and 30 hours, all counting towards your order. 

We run sessions six days a week, and at lots of different times. Each session lasts two hours and is delivered by a friendly facilitator in an informal way. There are no exams or tests, just good quality learning on topics that everyone will get something from, including: 

  • Mental health
  • Physical health 
  • Pro-social networks
  • Employment 
  • Financial inclusion

Who is it for?

We’ve designed our programme to be welcoming and inclusive. If you’re serving a Community Payback Order, either standalone Unpaid Work or Supervision, or a combination order, then you can take part.  

You need to have either: 

  • An internet connection at home


  • A laptop/tablet/smartphone but no internet 

And you will: 

  • Want to reduce your Unpaid Work Hours 
  • Want to learn something new 
  • Be happy to engage with online sessions


The benefits

CPO Connect is:

  • Anonymous and confidential – your camera will be off 
  • You don’t need to speak, you can use the chat option if you prefer 
  • Evening and weekend sessions mean you can fit it around your commitments 
  • You can access from home 
  • There are no exams or tests 
  • There is help at hand to get you connected 
  • There is no heavy learning or offence focused content. It’s practical groupwork. 

“It’s a no-brainer. I can do the sessions at home. I learnt how our diet affects our mental health.” (Client) 

“I work full time, so the evening and weekend sessions suit me.” (Client) 

“The facilitator was really good. I learnt mostly how to create a full CV, how to actually find work you are interested in. In all, everything has been useful.” (Client) 

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If you have lost your booking link, you can request it here:

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CPO Connect Progress, learning and forward look, July 2021 report

A PDF download of our July 2021 CPO Connect Progress, learning and forward look report

Did you know?

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