Personal Development Training

Why Wise Group?

The Wise Group are a leading training provider covering a variety of topics, including personal skills and motivational practices.  Located in Glasgow’s East End, right next to Glasgow Green,  our Skills team can help you gain the key qualifications you need to grow both professionally and personally.

We can also support employers who wish to instil a more positive mindset across their workforce and organisation.

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Get The Life You Want

This is a one day motivational course to empower customers to set goals and achieve them, creating a positive future.

They explore their mindset and attitudes, learn how to change these and understand how they can achieve success through the right choices.

At the end of the course customers will realise how much they can do and have a toolkit of proven techniques to help them set and achieve their goals.


In this session you will learn how your mind works, how we programme ourselves and how habits are formed that can have a negative impact on your ability to succeed.

You will be given the knowledge on how to break a habit and an insight into how your Beliefs, Expectations and Attitude drive your Behaviour.

You will learn how to deal with pressure and expectations from others around you and how to empower yourself to set your own, achievable goals for the future.