The Wise Group takes part in colleague engagement study

The Wise Group has been selected by UK Research and Innovation as one of 30 innovative organisations to participate in an exciting new colleague engagement project.

How engaged do you feel in the workplace?

That’s the focus of new research being undertaken into colleague engagement by the University of Strathclyde with support from UK Research and Innovation, the UK’s national research agency. The Wise Group will play a crucial role in it.

Working closely with 30 social enterprises and innovative companies from across the UK, Professor Colin Lindsay – and the team of university researchers – are seeking to identify what it is that boosts our wellbeing in the workplace, helps us to perform well and ultimately makes us feel happy and fulfilled in our jobs.

So where does the Wise Group come in?

Well, employee engagement has always been important to us. Over the past year it has become a significant focus as we have pivoted to a remote-first way of working. The recent crisis has given us pause to reflect on our culture and workplace practices. It has helped us consider how we empower our colleagues to innovate in the workplace and ensure we all feel connected even when we’re working remotely.

We’ve already been recognised as ‘One to Watch’ by Flexibility Works having  introduced a raft of new wellbeing initiatives. From Headstrong to More Than Fitness, this is just the beginning of our journey. By taking part in this study, which is the largest of its kind to have been done in the UK, we will be adding to an important body of knowledge on what makes employees tick.

Everyone who works at the Wise Group will be invited to complete a confidential online engagement and innovation survey.

In turn, we’ll learn more about what we can do to ensure our Wise Group colleagues have the support they need to keep doing the brilliant work that makes our social enterprise so dynamic and forward-thinking.

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