Stephen’s Story

In and out of work over the years, Stephen’s biggest barrier to keeping a job was his mental health.  Through the support and guidance of the Wise Group and the Re-Connect service, Stephen embarked on a counselling journey which has helped him turn his life around, move into work and stay in work, in a job which makes him happy.

Stephen, 26, joined the Wise Group’s Fair Start Scotland service in April 2018, and quickly made improvements with his CV, completed training and gained new qualifications.  Stephen engaged well with his coach, readily applied himself to all tasks set to him, and within just a few months, secured a new and exciting Construction Site Management role.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing however, and Stephen’s mental health was once again in decline.  Fair Start Scotland not only supports people to move into work, but continues to support them for up to 12 months thereafter.  Through this in work support, Stephen was offered a referral to Re-Connect. 

Re-Connect is the Wise Group’s rapid access, free of charge counselling service that ensures people get the support they need within 48 hours of a referral.  Our counsellors help customers through whatever is affecting their mental health, like depression, anxiety, stress, social isolation.  The counselling relationship offers a safe, warm and trusting environment to talk about anything the customer wants, with no pressure of any outcomes.

Stephen openly attributes his time with his Re-Connect counsellor as the turning point to making this his dream job.  He said:  “Paul was terrific in helping me realize the steps I had to take in order to straighten my thoughts in relation to work and my own happiness. 

He was terrific in handling my low points, as well and managing expectations during my highs.  Even in my most anxious of moments, the Wise Group’s office felt like a safe space where I would never leave without help, understanding, and (I feel most importantly) empathy.”

Stephen continues to keep track of his mental health, empowered with the tools and techniques learnt through Re-Connect, allowing him to excel in his role more than 12 months later.