New Routes helps Ian break the cycle of offending

Ian signed up to New Routes in January 2014. He was facing difficulties with alcohol addiction, family issues and long-term unemployment. He had not actively engaged with the service after his release and he quickly returned to prison.

During his second custodial sentence Ian had family issues that he was unable to assist with. This included the loss of his grandmother and because he was in prison he was unable to attend her funeral, which was Ian’s lowest point. He decided that this was going to be his last sentence.

His dad picked him up from HMP Barlinnie and took him home on his release and Ian arranged to meet with his mentor. When his mentor confirmed the appointment his dad admitted that he thought that Ian would have gone straight home to drink and was surprised that he was seeking help.

From this point on Ian maintained weekly contact and has never failed to attend his appointments, which are often early starts. He has secured casual employment doing a bit of labouring with his dad when extra help is needed. He is showing that he wants to better himself and has completed an application for ILA funding to pay for CSCS training.

His family life is going well. Ian seems settled with his partner and they are moving to another area to make a fresh start.

This time Ian is determined to stay out of prison. He readily accepts help and is completing agreed tasks straight away – something he had never done before. Ian admits that alcohol is still part of his life but he is making an effort to reduce his drinking levels.

Work is now his main focus. He wants to provide a good life for his family in the same way that his parents did for him when he was growing up. He is hoping that his family will begin to believe in him and see that things are changing for the better.