Family man turns to Fair Start Scotland after shock redundancy.

Imagine heading into work one day only to learn that the company was closing.  That day.  No notice, no redundancy pay, no answers.  That is what happened to Robert, 26, from Greenock.

With a young family to support at home, Robert immediately set up an appointment with Job Centre Plus for guidance on what to do next.  As luck would have it, Fair Start Scotland were hosting a drop in session that day, which is when Robert was introduced to the Wise Group’s Marian McLatchie. 

Within their first few meetings, Robert and Marian discussed areas that Robert could work on to improve his chances of moving back into the construction industry quickly.

The first step was a CV refresh, having been in continuous employment as a bricklayer for over 4 years, it had been some time since he had last updated it.  In his trade, IT skills aren’t exactly high on the priority list, and this was proving to be an obstacle for Robert with most job applications being online.  Marian was able to coach and advise Robert on modern job search techniques, and support Robert with the first few online applications. 

Robert applied for 5 jobs in one day, and within a week had an interview.  Marian’s next task was to help prepare Robert for his interview, guiding him through the types of questions he would be asked and strong answers to show off his skill set and experience.

Within just 3 weeks of his redundancy, through his own proactive approach and Marian’s support, Robert secured a new full time bricklaying position in Glasgow, leaving him both relieved and excited.

Robert said:  “Without the help from Fair Start Scotland, I wouldn’t have been able to get my job in Glasgow.  Marian has been really supportive and helped me overcome the things that were holding me back, like my lack of IT skills.”

One of the added benefits of being involved with Fair Start Scotland is that the support didn’t end there.  Marian was able to sort Robert out with new work boots and trousers, as well as cover his commute until his first pay check.

Now, some 3 months later, Robert and Marian remain in regular contact, with Marian checking in to ensure Robert is enjoying his job.  Robert also has plans to undergo additional training through Fair Start Scotland, with a view to progressing in his construction career.

If you are looking for work, and like Robert, could benefit from additional support to achieve your goal, visit or give the team a call on 0300 303 3381, and find out how you too could get a Fair Start in work.