WEL Done to our Fair Start Customers

Customers build on their wellness whilst also improving recruitment prospects.

Congratulations to our Fair Start Scotland customers who this week graduated from Community Renewal’s The Guided WEL course.  The WEL (Wellness Enhancement Learning) is an 8 week course guiding people through the process for personal change and practical learning on nutrition, meditation, stress management, mindfulness and dealing with thoughts and feelings.

As a Specialist partner of our Fair Start Scotland delivery, our customers have now completed their 8 week course of personal development, and the change in their outlook and mind set a notable shift to their Coaches, peers and supporters.

One customer, who first joined the programme a few months ago feeling socially isolated, nervous and anxious, asked for the opportunity to stand and address the room, a major development in her confidence, which she attributes to her experience on this course.  She wanted to say;  “Thank you to Melissa for encouraging me to attend this course.  I have met a lot of nice people, who have been so kind and friendly, and have helped me move on from a hard time in my life.  I am now really excited about my next steps and believe that I can find a job.”

Another customer shared that his main learning from The WEL is;  “My ability to adapt to stressful situations and feelings.  Before this, if something bad happened I would take that to heart, blame myself, tell myself I was useless.  This course has given me the tools and techniques to acknowledge these thoughts, and respond rather than react.  Ultimately, I know life is always going to throw things your way, but now I can deal with that without it spiralling out of control.”

Community Renewal’s Suzy praised our customers, congratulating them on their progress and commitment to the course;  “Habit change is not easy.  I commend you all for the steps you have taken to improve, be that with food, meditation, self-compassion.  You have each been so involved and engaging, and have put your hearts into it.  Congratulations.”

Here, here Suzy – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

You can find out more about our Fair Start Scotland service by clicking here.

See pictures below of some of our proud graduates, presented with a certificate and flower pot by Fair Start Coaches Carole McLees and Giovanna Carson.