Accommodation and visits with her children mean Andrea can SHINE again

Andrea and her mentor, Michelle, have been working together to regain a life lost to addiction. As Andrea was approaching release from prison, she started to meet regularly with Michelle. Andrea started to open up, so did Michelle. There was common ground – 75% of mentors at the Wise Group have their own experiences of the challenges faced by the people they support including addiction, mental health, and homelessness.

A rapport grew between the two and as Andrea’s release became closer, Michelle worked to guide and support her at this crucial time.  Together, they created release plan, so they had a plan for the first 24 hours post release. Securing accommodation was top of the list. 

Michelle met Andrea at the gate in Polmont and drove her to Glasgow, chatting through her needs and aspirations.


Andrea presented homeless and Michelle stayed with her all day – advocating, supporting and providing practical help, like filling in forms.  A whole day with the housing team passed, and together successfully secured temporary accommodation in a hostel for the night. 

Working with over 100 women a year who face these same challenges, we know how crucial the first 48 hours post-release are for vulnerable women – and why securing accommodation is vital. 

With time of the essence, Andrea secured a place in supported accommodation. She is now settling in and has started to see her children again – making the journey to visit them herself.  Her confidence is growing and she’s ready to regain the life she deserves.