Join our fight against fuel poverty this Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Friday 27 November marks Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, and we want to use this day to shed light on this issue facing many Scottish households this winter. To tell you what we are doing to help, and to ask for your help.

In January this year, the Scottish House Condition Survey reported that one quarter of all households in Scotland were living in fuel poverty.  That the number of households living in cold, damp homes and making daily decisions between heating and eating had risen by a shocking 36,000 from the previous year.  This was before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

As we approach the coldest and darkest months of the year, a year in which many of us are staying at home more, when many have experienced a loss of household income, the issue of being unable to stay warm home at an affordable cost is affecting hundreds of thousands across Scotland.

To mark Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2020, we are calling upon support organisations across Scotland to support us in the fight to tackle fuel poverty across our communities.  We simply believe that everyone has the right to live in a warm, safe home at a cost that’s affordable to them, and want to hear from any organisation that shares that belief.

The Wise Group is the largest delivery organisation of in-home advice and advocacy for fuel poverty support in Scotland. As COVID-19 restrictions were put in place earlier this year, we adapted our services to building remote support, utilising technology and wider engagement tools to continue helping people. 

A recent Ofgem report exploring ‘Consumers’ experiences with energy during the Covid-19 pandemic’ revealed that over 70% of consumers spoken to didn’t know of financial support available to them through their suppliers.  It also recorded that one in eight consumers had fallen behind on at least one of their household bills in recent months, and shockingly, one in eight (12%) of pre-payment meter (PPM) users had run out of credit and had been disconnected from their supply.

This evidence showcases the need for households to know where they can turn for support.

Our energy advisors are experts in their field, supporting and educating customers, and advocating on their behalves. Our mentors provide the glue between individuals and communities, and the services they need, leading to a more sustainable outcome and longer term impact.

Now, more than ever, we are asking support organisations across Scotland to support our fuel poverty fight by sharing our details with those who are in need. 

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