Happy New Year from all of us here at the Wise Group!

2023 flew by and we are so excited to see what 2024 brings for our partners, colleagues and customers. While last year was extremely busy, we couldn’t go too far into the new year without reflecting on some of our favourite moments. Read more below!

 In 2023 we had lots of fun events. Our skills, employability and Fair Start colleagues hosted a huge jobs fair in Paisley, where Tony Fitzpatrick made a wonderful speech. Every Wednesday a drop in was also held in our Paisley hub for people to get a coffee, a chat and some support for getting back into work. Further than that, through helping those entitled in our community to fill in forms, our employment, skills and services colleagues claimed more than 800k back in Attendence Allowance support for individuals! All of these amazing events were held out-with our colleagues regular working routines and they have worked incredibly hard. What a show of ambition, kindness and going the distance! 

In our HEAT team, it has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, years to date. With energy bills rising and the effects of fuel poverty being felt country wide, our HEAT team have certainly been kept on their toes. Despite this, loads of inspiring customer stories have been told this year and our mentors have done an amazing job advising those who are vulnerable in our communities. HEAT and HES took part in #FuelPovertyAwarenessDay, attended internal and external events and lots of new colleagues have joined the team this year. 

HES have also been busy! Similarly to HEAT where rises in fuel costs meant more people needed advice and support than ever before, HES have also been out and about in the community. HES have done some filming with mentors to show a day in the life, have reached lots of their goals and have worked tirelessly this past year. 

The Relational Mentoring teams have also had an amazing year. Since the projects launch in 2023 with the Scottish Government, lots of referrals have been made, with our colleagues in Scotland celebrating 1000 referrals a couple of months ago. In England, with the Relational Mentoring service launch with the North of Tyne Combined Authority, referrals are also coming in fast with 200 customer referrals reached in late December! 

The Wise Community Mentoring team have been working with people of all ages, focusing on bringing people together, decreasing isolation and ultimately changing peoples lives. A highlight this year was their Christmas party with People for Places, where families got to meet each other, have some food and get some gifts, all while playing party games!

In the Justice side of the Wise Group, the EPOP team have been making moves with their POP talks, with the third season in motion! Our New Routes colleagues are continuing to support those within the Justice System and we are hearing about amazing impacts and customer stories every day! 

There is so much more to be said about 2023, our fabulous colleagues and the work that they do, not all of which could possibly be covered in one blog article. We will continue with monthly updates throughout 2024, but for now….

Welcome to 2024, lets continue to lift people out of poverty together!