On breaking the cycle of poverty – the Wise Group’s response to the Autumn Statement

By Sean Duffy, CEO, Wise Group

In the aftermath of yesterday’s Autumn Statement, the Wise Group finds itself at a crucial crossroads, actively bridging the gap between insight and impactful solutions. While endorsing the commendable ‘Getting Back to Work’ focus by the Chancellor, we recognise it is crucial to go beyond reactive measures and cultivate a strategic vision that addresses the root causes of social and economic challenges in our uncertain world.

Our forthcoming manifesto underscores the Wise Group’s commitment to preventing, rather than perpetuating poverty. This isn’t about seeking attention; it’s about methodically constructing a resilient, inclusive, and flourishing society. Navigating the complexities of our time demands a holistic approach, one that goes beyond traditional sanctions and solutions to embrace innovation. 

Central to our vision is Relational Mentoring—a comprehensive approach dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty over the next 5 to 10 years. We avoid quick fixes, aspiring to foster lasting, transformative change.

We call upon the government to shift its focus towards prevention, recognising the pivotal role of social enterprises and prioritising genuine impact. This is a clarion call for substantial and sustainable change, advocating for a recalibration of success metrics and comprehensive solutions that bring about enduring social improvements.

Looking forward, caution is paramount as we direct efforts to assist the most vulnerable with resources that yield meaningful and equitable impact. The Wise Group is resolute in collaboration with the government and others, adjusting our approach to effect tangible changes in the battle against poverty—because the alternative is allowing poverty to persist.

However, effecting real change requires more than words; it demands action. With over 40 years of experience, the Wise Group continues to take bold steps and invites others to join this transformative journey. The path may be arduous, but the destination is worthwhile, for people shape households, build communities, and move nations. The call is unequivocal: let’s act together and challenge poverty instead of perpetuating it.