Talent Match Partners with GlobalBridge to bring Employment Opportunities to Young People

Young people will be able to showcase their talents to employers in a modern, flexible way with GlobalBridge and Talent Match.

Global Bridge acts as a recruitment tool for employers and a way for people to showcase their talents to employers that goes beyond the traditional CV and cover letter.

Sam McLoughlin of GlobalBridge said “The young people on Talent Match will be able to record all of the great experiences from the project on their own profiles, which can then be used when applying for employment, apprenticeships or training.

“globalbridge is a digital platform that helps young people showcase their skills, talents and aspirations, and connect with opportunities safely.  We are looking forward to working with Wise Group and their great delivery partners.”

Global Bridge provides a connection between people and the next step of their professional life. It is far more secure than traditional social media, as each individual manages their own account and individual cannot see or post on other people’s profiles – allowing for individuals to express themselves to employers without the fears that come with it on traditional social media channels.

The rollout will begin in July 2019. This is an exciting time for the Talent Match programme as we look to identify new ways to reach young people and connect them to employers that have great opportunities for them.