Happy Holidays from the Wise Group! Meet Little Giorgo’s Designs, the maker of our 2023 Christmas card!

When we decided this year that we wanted to do something a little special for our colleagues at the Wise Group, we new it had to be something true to our values of promoting kindness, collaborating and had to be something staying true to the work that we do on a daily basis. We did not have to look far as one of our Fair Start Scotland customers, Yvonne, has a card business, where her son Giorgo draws and they are turned into gorgeous, fun cards for every occasion. 

Yvonne kindly agreed to work with us on a Christmas card to send out to all of our colleagues. This was no small task as we needed about 500 cards! The design focuses on friendship, magic and spreading kindness this season – as shown by Giorgo’s drawings of lots of festive farm animal friends! 

Hear Yvonne talk about her business, her experiences with Fair Start Scotland and her relationship with her work coach, Giovanna, in the interview below! 

My wonderful video on Biteable.