Communi-TEA – Celebrating International Women’s Day with our Relational Mentoring Colleagues

On the 8th March our Scottish Relational Mentoring colleagues took to Templeton to host a wonderful Communi-TEA event! Check out the post below to see the highlights! 

The Communi-TEA event was a day long event hosted at our Templeton Hub, where different partners, organisations and charities came together to offer support to individuals in our community! Organisations such as AMINA, Citizens Advice, Women on Wheels and The Samaritans (and more!) hosted stalls while our own Wise Group colleagues from HEAT, HES and Relational Mentoring were also available to offer advice. There was a clothing bank, children were welcome and tea, coffee, cakes and snacks were flowing. 

It was a lovely atmosphere and completely free to attend! Our next Comuni-TEA morning is the 24th May at 10am! We can’t wait to see you there! 

Check out some pictures of the event below!