UK Election 2024 – Our CEO’s Response

With the new Labour government now in office, it’s important to recognise the significant social value that organisations like the Wise Group bring to our communities. Our goal is to create lasting positive change for people and families across the UK by supporting initiatives that address poverty, improve job prospects, and help the most vulnerable. The election of the Labour government is a chance to enhance our efforts and align with a broad vision for social justice and equality.

We expect this new leadership to focus on policies that emphasise social value and community empowerment. We are committed to collaborating with the government to ensure our services continue to have a meaningful impact, providing essential support and opportunities for those in need. As a partner dedicated to driving socio-economic change, the Wise Group is ready to help shape and implement initiatives that promote sustainable development and community resilience.

We look forward to working with the new administration, sharing our insights, and contributing to policies that reflect the needs and aspirations of our communities. Through innovative solutions and strong partnerships, we are confident that our collective efforts will lead to a bright, more equitable future for everyone.

Sean Duffy, CEO