The Wise Group Welcomes Further Community Justice Funding

The Wise Group welcomes the commitment for an additional £6.5million for Community Justice services including the expansion of mentoring services by the Scottish Government. This will further support activities to reduce re-offending and make communities safer. More prisoners are entering prison than are coming out and we’re well placed to continue to support the Cabinet Secretary and others to address that. We want to see more person-centred support through mentoring at the heart of this.

It’s crucial that we also find alternatives to custody. A move towards enhanced Community Payback Orders (CPO) where mentoring works in tandem with statutory services is the correct and progressive way forward. The Wise Group vision for an enhanced CPO is one which addresses the customer needs which relate to re-offending, and supports them to complete the order without breaching.

This is a good opportunity to work together to reduce the number of people going into prison and increase the number of people re-integrated.

The Wise Group’s New Routes Programme has a proven track record of reducing re-offending over seven years and is under increasing demand. In terms of prevention our new New Routes No Limits programme is beginning to divert young people from crime.

New Routes

New Routes No Limits