Conflict Resolution & Creating a Positive Mindset

Conflict Resolution & Creating a Positive Mindset

Do you work in a shop or a call centre or a restaurant or a hotel? Then you serve customers. Want to get a recognised customer service qualification? Want to find out ways of dealing with angry or difficult customers? Want to raise your motivation? Want to get a positive mindset?

We offer the training which benefits you in customer service jobs: a Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Creating a Positive Mindset.

The course is led by an experienced trainer in a classroom for 2 days with a class size limited to around 12.

Subjects covered include personal safety, a safe working environment, recognising conflict and confrontation, techniques of de-escalation to avoid threats or violence, laws protecting employees. This course also includes four modules designed to consider and challenge our beliefs and perception of ourselves and our environment.

This course may be funded by your employer or by your Individual Learning Account (ILA). If neither of these applies, you can pay the cost yourself.

Course Dates

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