How Stevie went from being in Prison to Guiding Young People to Live a Better Life

From being stuck in a life of drugs and crime Stevie worked with Lara, his Wise Group mentor, to get the help he needed.

Stevie was in a cycle of being in and out of prison as well as battling addiction, but after working with specialists that his Wise Group Mentor connected him with he has now turned his life around.

Stevie said, “If it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t be here.” Let Stevie tell you in his own words about the enormous impact that having a mentor can have by watching the video below.

Our mentors are helping people reintegrate into the community after a prison sentence and reducing reoffending across Scotland and the North East of England. Over 50% of our mentors have lived in experience of the justice system, so they are able to understand and connect with people in similar situations. See more about our community justice programmes.