Five reasons why you should work at the Wise Group

Victoria CarsonOur Engagement and Policy Team is recruiting, Victoria Carson shares her top five reasons why you should work at the Wise Group.

We are looking for unique people to fill new and upcoming roles in the Wise Group Engagement and Policy Team. The Wise Group is a leading social enterprise which empowers vulnerable people to unlock their potential and transform their futures, whilst helping drive sustainable economic growth. We are at a time of transformational change in our organisation and I’m delighted that you’re interested in being a part of that.

1. You will work with so many great people

When you work at the Wise Group you’ll get to meet and connect with people from all different walks of life. From engaging with colleagues, to working with partners to promote our shared values, to unearthing the stories of our inspiring customers, our team unanimously agrees that the wonderful range of people you get to meet through the Wise Group are what truly makes the job special.

2. You will get to make a real difference

We’re a team committed to living our Values, and working at the Wise Group means you’ll get to spend time every day working to improve lives.  It’s a rewarding atmosphere, and you’ll be working alongside equally passionate and driven team members to support you. We believe that by building supportive, long-term relationships we can create an even greater impact; there’s a reason that this is one of our Values – “we are ambitious to make a real difference everyday – socially, financially, and culturally”!

3. We hurdle boundaries

With six team members, we are small enough to be daring and ambitious, but big enough to have an impact. You will have a say in critical decisions and ownership of your own projects, while being part of a bigger movement working to engage more people with our mission to transform lives.

4. We have a Remote First Approach

 We believe that we all work best when we can structure our time in a way that works for each of us. Our Remote First Approach offers flexible working hours so that you can start and finish your days at times that suit — this means that our team can deal with life’s admin – whatever that may be for you.

5. Wise Wellbeing is at the centre

We are mindful now more than ever of the importance of our own resilience. Colleague wellbeing, as well as the sustainability of our Enterprise, has been and continues to be our number one objective during this Pandemic.

When our colleagues are at their best, we are successful and can transform more lives. You’ll be able to take part in our Wise Wellbeing initiatives which went from strength to strength in 2020! Taking part is opt-in, online, and the focus is on mental and physical wellbeing as well as ensuring that colleagues can reduce their home energy bills.

We have partnered with personal trainers More Than Fitness to provide daily, live exercise classes via Zoom at 12.15 each day. Brian Costello, founder of HeadStrong, provides a 30-minute Thought for the Day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to promote mental wellbeing and personal development. The Wise Group’s own Energy teams will provide advice to reduce your energy bills.

What’s not to like!

 Above all, you’ll be part of an ambitious organisation that’s excited about the growing opportunities for the continual innovation, development and achievement which lie in front of us. If you’d like to work with us to make a real difference to the lives of thousands of people, I’d love to hear from you.

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