Flex Award for the Wise Group

The Wise Group is delighted to have been awarded with a Flex Award, recognising us in the ‘One to Watch’ category at the prestigious Flexibility Works Employer awards.

Flexibility Works is a Scottish social enterprise that works with employers and employees to ensure a flexible and fair workplaces. The awards celebrate Scotland’s top flexible employers and highlight the work of organisations across Scotland creating inclusive environments for their colleagues.

This award underlines the Wise Group’s commitment to our Remote First approach to working flexibly. It’s an approach that is based on trust, not presenteeism, in a way that works best for our colleagues, while bringing us closer to our customers.

Joanne Botterill, Team Lead for Employment Engagement, said: “My children were always asking me if I could take them to school every morning and I used to have to say no. But now, because of Remote First, I can say yes – they love it and so do I!”

Sean Duffy, Chief Executive of the Wise Group, added: “Colleagues are at the heart of our enterprise which is why I am delighted that our Remote First model of working was recognised in this way.

“We’ve made significant achievements in culture and in our approach to flexibility for all. The understanding and support that go with Remote First makes a big difference to the lives of our colleagues.”

Lisa Gallagher, Director & Co-Founder of Flexibility Works, said: “The Flexibility Works Employer Awards shine a spotlight on organisations that give us a vision for the future of work in Scotland, which is flexible, and which will attract the best of tomorrow’s diverse, balanced, happy and productive workforce, recognising a diverse range of organisations that have inspired us all in the most difficult of times.”

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