Relational Mentoring encourages young people to have No Limits


We are very proud of the work we have been doing as part of the No Limits project, which helps young people to undertake and complete foundation apprenticeships in North Lanarkshire and Dundee. As such, we are very excited to announce the release of our latest video, which includes the voices of our mentors and the young people who make this project successful.

No Limits provides 1-1 Relational Mentoring to young people on Foundation Apprenticeships, helping them to break down the barriers to entry and develop the life skills required for success.

No Limits has achieved an impressive 85% retention rate for young people on Foundation Apprenticeships, compared to drop out rates of between 50% and even 100% nationally.

Helping young people to stay in education and gain valuable work experience is the only way to ensure that young people will not become economically inactive. A foundation apprenticeship is an effective way to do this, with those who complete one having an impressive 1.3% unemployment rate. This is significantly lower than the current 5.5-7.5% unemployment rate of young people in Scotland.

Although this project is ending, the need for it to continue is not.

The value No Limits has brought not only to young people but their families too is a key driver in the socio-economic mobility of communities in Scotland.

One of the young people said of the project: “No Limits really helped with everything. My mentor has really helped with supporting my Mum and it has been really great in helping me with understanding what a CV is and helped me with making one for any future jobs I am going to apply for when I turn 16. I really appreciate their support.”

Our upcoming Impact Report on the program will demonstrate how vital No Limits support is to young people and their families and should be read by all policymakers and skills providers who are passionate about building young people into economic success. 

Watch our video featuring participants from No Limits above or on YouTube today.