Wise Group joins framework to fight fuel poverty, increase energy efficiency and achieve Net Zero

As the world runs as fast as it can towards Net Zero, fuel poverty and energy efficiency sit at the heart of almost every debate. At the same time the UK is facing an unprecedented energy crisis, pushing many people into fuel poverty. At the Wise Group we have long advocated a push towards Net Zero, but with the strong message around ensuring a Just Transition. We cannot forget about those who are in or on the fringes of fuel poverty when we are thinking about this debate. There must be a twin track approach to achieving this goal that ensures the most vulnerable are not left behind.

In Scotland, there is reason for celebration as activity and investment continues to push towards eradicating fuel poverty at pace. The most recent development of this is the launch of Scotland Excel’s Energy Efficiency Contractors framework. This framework will support up to £800m of critical activity over the next four years to provide wide ranging support to households across Scotland to increase the energy efficiency of their homes. We have secured a significant role within this framework, allowing us to build on success in delivering key energy efficiency programmes for a range of local authorities and housing associations across Scotland.

Our strong track record has seen us successfully manage and deliver energy efficiency programmes which have seen over £13m invested in thousands of Scottish properties in recent years.  Our place on this framework allows local authorities and RSLs to access our range of services to effectively manage and deliver energy efficiency investment programmes. This allows them to support their on-going work to upgrade the efficiency of Scotland’s homes, tackle fuel poverty and achieve Net Zero. Our services provide a holistic approach to delivery, including critical elements of householder support to ensure that the benefits of measures being installed can be fully realised by those living in the properties, as well as ensuring that they have a sustainable way of managing their future energy spend.

With a positive framework in place, it is now our collective responsibility to make a success of it. As such, we call on Scotland’s local authorities and RSLs to engage with services on this framework, allowing them to benefit from the expertise and support which is on offer to deliver real impact through these investment programmes.

For more information and to find out more about our services, get in touch at buildingbridges@thewisegroup.co.uk.