i.HEAT helps a family replace their inefficient storage radiators

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i.HEAT received a referral from one of our partners to engage with a customer who had a young family.

On meeting the customer the home energy advisor established that the customers current heating system was storage radiators which are inefficient and expensive to run. The customer had been told by her housing association that if she could get a gas connection to the property, they would fit a full gas central heating system.

We called the Scottish Gas Network to check if her property was eligible for a gas installation; the property met all the criteria so we made an application for the customer. The total cost for the gas installation was £887.10, but we have managed to get this cost waived.

Once the gas connection was organised we contacted the housing association who arranged for the gas central heating system to be installed.

The customer and her two young children are now living in a much warmer home. We revisited the customer several times to make sure their new gas account was set up correctly, they were on the best tariff available and they knew how to work their new heating system.

i.HEAT also arranged to have the customer entered onto the priority assistance scheme due to one of the children having a very serious illness. An online application for Warm Home Discount was also made on behalf of the family.


Gas installation £887.10
Warn Home Discount £140.00
Potential energy saving £110.00
Price comparison £185.00 (potential savings pa.)
Heating system £2500.00