Work Able

Work Able

Work Able Scotland is entirely voluntary and is designed to support you for up to a year to help meet your goals and move into work. The programme aims to give customers with health conditions more specialised support.

You will work on a one to one basis with a coach who will create with you an action plan which is tailored for your needs. This will outline the coaching, training and support you will receive to help you into work, a Modern Apprenticeship or further education.

Are you eligible?

To enrol in the programme there are a few criteria which you need to meet:

• At least 18 years of age and not employed or self-employed

• Not eligible for other Department of Work and Pension programmes

• In receipt of Employment and Support Allowance

• You are able to work for at least 16 hours per week or in receipt of Universal Credit

• Willing to fully participate in and complete the programme

What to expect

This will be sent on your behalf by the Job Centre. After your referall you will come along for an initial interiew

Creating your action plan
We will develop with you to develop an action plan based upon your strengths, whilst looking at areas we can work with you to improve.

Coaching and training
We will work with you on a one to one basis and will see you a minimum of one hour per week. We will also help you access any further support and we will provide a range of additional training.

Moving into work
At this stage we will create an in work support plan when you have moved into work to ensure any help you may need is in place.

Ongoing support
We will continue to support you during the first three months you are in your new job.

Next steps

To join the programme simply speak to your Job Centre Advisor. They can quickly check to make sure you can join the programme and refer you to us for your initial interview. Alternatively call 0300 303 3131 for more information

Work Able Scotland Leaflet

More information on the programme


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