A Day in the Life of a HEAT Mentor – Matthew’s Day

Matthew Ralston, a mentor working in HEAT on the Glasgow City Council project is a new dad passionate about promoting wellbeing and working in a job surrounded in purpose. Matthew started the Wisegroup in 2021 and has since welcomed a daughter, Amelia. Working from home has allowed Matthew to spend quality time with Amelia while taking the breaks needed throughout the day to prioritise his wellbeing, while making a difference day-to-day with customers experiencing fuel poverty. 

Throughout the day Matthew works on the Glasgow City Council project, helping customers referred by Glasgow Council with fuel poverty related issues. This can range from anything from issues surrounding debt, advice on keeping homes comfortable, general advocacy and being that shoulder to lean on when times are getting a bit tough and you just need a chat to move forward. Matthew understands first hand the impact that the cost of living crisis can have, as having just welcomed a baby 8 months ago costs have increased significantly, particularly with that constant need for the heating on. Having that relatability means Matthew can go the extra mile to help his service users find solutions to the problems they may be facing. 

See the video below to watch what Matthew gets up to in a day, the perks of his role at the Wisegroup and what his goals for the future! 

HEAT – Day in the Life – Matthew on Biteable.