Stimulus’ Penelope D’Souza Sits Down With Wise Group – International Women’s Day

On the 1st of March our colleagues Sharon Pickup and Matthew White got to (virtually) sit down and speak to Penelope D’Souza, founder and director of Stimulus. As today is International Women’s Day, we thought we’d share Penelope and Stimulus’ story.

Stimulus helps women, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds, to realise their full potential. They understand that to do this, they need to invoke change in the communities and organisations they exist within. Stimulus helps individuals and organisations to identify and address uncomfortable obstacles, built on the principles of sharing power, inclusiveness and equity.

Penelope was kind enough to tell us about her life, which hits on her childhood, Stimulus’ journey and breaking free from tradition. We decided that we didn’t want to keep Penelope’s jewels of wisdom to ourselves, so we’ve decided to share them with you! 

‘I feel like Stimulus has been a culmination of my life’s journey and getting to where I want to be now’ – Penelope D’Souza

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