Being ‘distinctive’ is a choice; a choice that requires us to stand for something

by Sean Duffy

Over the past year our identity and DNA has been defined by the ‘stands’ we have taken to create flexibility with work and home; to create a wellbeing culture and to introduce a new set of Values.

Last week my colleagues told their individual stories of the new Wise Group Values. Comfortable and confident to be distinctive, they shared themselves and what our Values mean to them.

  • We go the distance, so our colleagues and customers reach a positive and sustainable future
  • We are ambitious to make a real difference everyday: socially, financially, culturally
  • We hurdle boundaries and innovate
  • We thrive through collaboration, kindness and learning together
  • We celebrate and respect individual difference

The new Values help us all to identify what it means to work with or at the Wise Group, what it feels like and what it looks like when we are at our best.

Understanding and adoption of our Values is key and it will be incumbent on all of us to ensure we are mindfully living them, breathing them, and demonstrating them. Turning up each day with an intention to demonstrate the Values will take self-awareness and conscious actions… after all behavioural change is not easy, random, or occasional.

At the Wise Group we know that making these Values real is about relationships which in turn is about openness and honesty with each other, listening deeply and intently to understand, appreciate and respond with purpose, clarity and kindness.

Kindness is key if we are to truly embed our Values. This will enable each of us at the Wise Group to be a positive part of the changes required to move from ‘good to great ’.

Being distinctive is not easy but we believe it is worth it. We are proud of the work we do and leaning into our Purpose with the right Values has never been so important.